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Lorem Ipsum

Post by PapoAnaya »

Dolor sit amet...

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;; This code is in newLisp
;; Use the lipsum generator to generate Lorem Ipsum dummy paragraphs / words / bytes.
;; Lorem Ipsum courtesy of www.lipsum.com by James Wilson
;; @param what in "paras","words","bytes"]
;; @param amount of paras/words/bytes (for words minimum is 5, for bytes it is 27)
;; @param start always start with 'Lorem Ipsum' "true"/"false"

(define (lipsum what amount start)
   (setq lipsum-buffer (get-url (format "http://www.lipsum.com/feed/xml?what=%s&amount=%d&start=%s" what amount start)))
   (setq lipsum-list (xml-parse lipsum-buffer 7))
   (nth 1 (first (nth 2 (first (nth 2 (first lipsum-list)))))))

(lipsum "paras" 2 "true")

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Re: Lorem Ipsum

Post by TedWalther »

Cavemen in bearskins invaded the ivory towers of Artificial Intelligence. Nine months later, they left with a baby named newLISP. The women of the ivory towers wept and wailed. "Abomination!" they cried.

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Re: Lorem Ipsum

Post by varbanov »

Just for fun, Your definition rewritten ... :)

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(define (lipsum2 (what "paras") (amount 3) (start "true"))
	      ((xml-parse (get-url (format "http://www.lipsum.com/feed/xml?what=%s&amount=%d&start=%s" what amount start)) 7)
	        0 2 0 2 0 1))


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