international support in TK frontend?

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international support in TK frontend?

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The discussion about locale makes me thinking about international support for a/the TK frontend.

A start would be the config:

set Ide(Lang) "EN"
set Ide(Lang) "DE"
set Ide(Lang) "FR"
set Ide(Lang) "NL"
A submenu in the options menu would be the next step

Then there is a subfolder in the Bwidget folder called lang.
There are resource files for language support in bwidget dialogs.
The bwidget demo shows how to use this resources.
To use this from the TK frontend would be the next step.

Then all visible GUI in the frontend have to be changed to using a variable instead of a hard-coded string.
The content of the variables could come from the config file or a seperate language-table file.

All GUI generation started from newlisp would use such approach.

Other ideas for doing a multi-language newlisp/app?

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