(module) problem on raspberry pi release 10.7.1

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(module) problem on raspberry pi release 10.7.1

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I installed newlisp 10.7.1 using apt-get install on on a raspberry pi 3.

(module "unix.lsp") failed looking for "/usr/local/share/newlisp/modules/unix.lsp"

I located it incorrectly installed at "/usr/share/newlisp/modules/unix.lsp"

Not sure who is responsible for the repository or if it's location is defined somewhere in the make process.

PS: any clue if / when 10.7.3 will be promoted to the release version ?

I am hoping to see (read-key true) on the other platforms ASAP. The only was to see it widely propagated is for the repositories to upgrade. That will not happen until there is a formal release.
Bob the Caveguy aka Lord High Fixer.

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