newlisp builds with libffi on OpenBSD 5.9

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newlisp builds with libffi on OpenBSD 5.9

Post by rickyboy »

Well, the title says it all. This is in response to a question Ted had here.

I just happen to have an OpenBSD 5.9 system with libffi installed

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$ uname -srm
OpenBSD 5.9 amd64
$ pkg_info -Q libffi
libffi-3.2.1p0 (installed)
I successfully built newlisp-10.7.0 with libffi, just now

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~/builds/newlisp-10.7.0 $ ./newlisp
newLISP v.10.7.0 64-bit on BSD IPv4/6 UTF-8 libffi, options: newlisp -h

> (import "" "atof" "double" "char*")
> (atof "3.141")
But bare in mind that if you (package) install newlisp-10.7.0 via `pkg_add newlisp`, it is NOT built with libffi.
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Re: newlisp builds with libffi on OpenBSD 5.9

Post by TedWalther »

Thank you, I'll submit a patch to them soon.
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