A litte edit for cygwin on windows 64 bit

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A litte edit for cygwin on windows 64 bit

Postby dexter » Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:05 pm

I compiled newlisp on win7 64bit today, found out the makefile for cygwin is outdated

and the configure of newlisp does not care the bits under cygwin

so here is a very little fix for configure
begin line 116
Code: Select all
elif [ ${os_type} = CYGWIN ] ; then
  if [ ${memory_model} = LP64 ]; then
  cp makefile_cygwinLP64 makefile_build
  cp makefile_cygwin makefile_build

and duplicate the makefile_cygwin to makefile_cygwinLP64
and change the arguments -m32 to -m64 in the new makefile_cygwinLP64

hope to help newlisp to be more perfect
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