What is nice with newLISP...

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What is nice with newLISP...

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What is nice with newLISP, it is how easy is it to ship a little application to end users. I have wrote a simple script (48 lines of code including comments) that is definitely not to hit rating tops but nevertheless has a small users base (87 downloads so far). Script is intended for end users, which are not assumed to install newLISP or even know what this word means. So the ability to make a small executable is a big win! (Source is included just for fun, users aren't assumed to use it in any way).

By the way, the half of this 48 lines deals with the sad fact that most of the target auditory doesn't know what the PATH is. So I decide not to teach them, but to teach the script to look up the external programs called in the same directory where script itself is located.
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