pretty-print line length

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pretty-print line length

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I am using an Intel Atom netbbok with LXLE 32 bit linux OS on ctrl-alt-F2 terminal. The screen has width of 128 characters in linux frame buffer. pretty-print gives line length 80. However when I print something it prints line to length of 128 chars. This is what I want. However there is a discrepancy between the 80 char default setting of line length and the actual line length. Perhaps this something to look into.

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Re: pretty-print line length

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It appears that you are seeing a difference between the default line length in your terminal emulator and the real line length that your system can output. This is not unusual, and it is frequently adjustable to your liking.
Keep in mind that the "pretty-print" setting may be specific to a particular program or tool and may not necessarily match the terminal emulator's default line length. To change the line length in your terminal emulator, go to its manual or options.