Inspector v0.3: ping-pong between GUI and server process

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Inspector v0.3: ping-pong between GUI and server process

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Inspector v0.3 provides a ping-pong mode for automated updating of symbols in its browser GUI.
Together with the feature of user created folders of lambda/macro/list symbols at top of tree control, this allows to view changes of a selection of interesting symbols in time.

In ping-pong mode the following happens:
  1. Inspector GUI loads symbols in its user created top folders from Inspector server and
    updates their current evaluations;
  2. thereafter it releaes the server by sending a command for finishing its
  3. server process
    - is free to do other stuff for a while ...
    - ... until it gives back control to GUI by calling

    Code: Select all

    again (in the meantime Inspector GUI polls to wait for this to happen).
In a demo this happens repeatedly by a simple counting loop at server side (could also do other things, of course). After starting the server process, there are instructions in its terminal about how to proceed in GUI; see ... -mode-demo.

So far no button has been needed ...

Because all of this works by interaction between Inspector's GUI (running as Javascript in the browser) and its (newLISP) server process, all of its code has to be loaded, for being able to use this mechanism for inspecting your own running software.

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