NewLISP GUI using web elements

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Northern Lights
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NewLISP GUI using web elements

Post by Northern Lights »

The requirement for Java to be installed on a user's device/pc is quite a requirement nowadays.

Has there been any projects using a web browser's layout engine (like web-kit) to create newlisp gui executables (or at least link a chromeless window to the newlisp binary)?


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Re: NewLISP GUI using web elements

Post by Astrobe »

I quite agree that Java is becoming less relevant these days. But I disagree that the way to go is the browser. Just like Java, Javascript is cool because it's "already there" and "cross-platform", but it's still poor at making interactive apps. The CSS/HTML/Javascript was never meant to build desktop-like interactive UIs. Browser makers are trying really hard to shoe-horn this capability in the existing technology stack, but it takes a ridiculously huge amount of resources. Case in point: on tablets and mobiles, vendors prefer to offer "apps" (which, if I'm not mistaken are mainly coded in Java, ironically).

Plus, using Ajax would certainly mean code generation, which is not cool for debugging (and which is IMO already a weak point of Newlisp).

A good cross-platform GUI library seems way better to me. UIP looks interesting even though some details look a bit retarded (like passing sizes and coordinates as strings). That's why I asked for bindings a some weeks ago. I should try to find some time to make those bindings and see how it works.

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Re: NewLISP GUI using web elements

Post by tomtoo »

it's not web-based, but don't forget about gtk server...

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