newlisp 10.6.2 build on FreeBSD 10.0

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newlisp 10.6.2 build on FreeBSD 10.0

Postby rickyboy » Fri Oct 03, 2014 3:34 am

Just a quick note FYI. For another topic in the fanclub, I needed to build 10.6.2. I was on one of my FreeBSD machines, so I did the build there. Bottom line is that it builds without an issue.

There was only one change I had to make for the build. This:

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$ make

should now be this:

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$ make CC=clang

because clang is now the default compiler (vice gcc) starting with FreeBSD 10.

I could have `pkg install`ed gcc first, then built newlisp, but hey I didn't really need gcc anyway; so why bother. :)
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