Guiserver Java 7 update 21 bug fix

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Guiserver Java 7 update 21 bug fix

Postby Lutz » Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:52 pm

A new guiserver.jar together with module file guiserver.lsp and newlisp-edit.lsp IDE application fixes the problem with spaces in install-directory names. The fix refers to the gs:run-shell command, which now needs command and arguments passed as separate strings.

The fix tested well on OSX, Windows XP and Windows 8. The fix should also be compatible with previous versions of Java.

I have not been able to test this on Windows 7, but believe behaviour is identical to Windows 8.

For users on office-managed Windows installations, without administrative privileges, it is also possible to install in a users home directory when changing the install dirtectory during the install process (this was also possible on previous version of the Windows installer).

For the 3 files see here: ... nprogress/
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Re: Guiserver Java 7 update 21 bug fix

Postby xytroxon » Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:36 pm

It is working on my Win 7 laptop again, (until the next Java security update ;o)

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