newlisp.vim 1.37

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newlisp.vim 1.37

Post by Cyril »

I have updated my newlisp.vim syntax highlighter; new in this version:

* all the changes made by Lutz during the last two years are adopted.

* some typos introduced by Lutz are removed (some vimscript keywords was erroneously recognized as newlisp functions because of a silly formatting error).

* $count built-in variable is recognized.

* bigint constant affix L is recognized.

* non-change: I was falsely assuming that +.9 syntax was always here, and recognize it as valid; so no need to change here (and I can pretend I've stolen the time machine from Guido).

* string delimiters (quotes and brackets) color is reverted to be the same as the string content; if you like the previous style better, put the following line in your .vimrc:

hi link newlispStringDelimiter String Delimiter

Downloadable from the usual locations (one, two). I believe the highlighter is ready for 10.5.1 newlisp release.
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Re: newlisp.vim 1.37

Post by conan »

Thank-you-very-much-indeed! :)

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Re: newlisp.vim 1.37

Post by bairui »

Wonderful. Thanks, Cyril.

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Re: newlisp.vim 1.37

Post by rickyboy »

It's nice to see somebody taking care of The Vim Brethren. :) Nice job, Cyril!
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Re: newlisp.vim 1.37

Post by Chappuis »

Good Job Cyril Thank fo info

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Re: newlisp.vim 1.37

Post by protozen »

Yup, thank you indeed. I'm not a big user of vi / vim for code, but thanks for the update.

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