competition entry: mycroft

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competition entry: mycroft

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I've cobbled together my competition entry for this year: mycroft. It's a basic profiler thingy. You can find it here:

http://unbalanced-parentheses.nfshost.c ...

You use it on the command line:

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newlisp your-newlisp-file

or your-newlisp-file

and the report it generates is called your-newlisp-file-my.html, which is HTML.

There are two important things your newlisp file must do: it must contain the exit function (yeah...) and it must have some functions defined using define. (Other ways of defining functions, such as Kazimir's (set ' ... (lambda) aren't profiled... :( )

I've only managed to test it on MacOS X, my own code, and Safari/Firefox/Opera ... It would be great if it at least works on other OSs...! Working in other platform-specific browsers would also be cool :)

Send me PMs or emails with bugs if you like...!

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