Load files from outside Zip with ZVFS

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Load files from outside Zip with ZVFS

Postby HPW » Fri Oct 17, 2003 7:08 am

After learning about the new possibilitys I try this:

(tk "zvfs::mount Dba.zip /myDba")
(tk "zvfs::exists /myDba/test.txt")
(tk "zvfs::info /myDba/test.txt")
(tk "zvfs::filecopy /myDba/test.txt C:/temp/test1.txt")
(tk "zvfs::unmount Dba.zip")

It is case-sensitive, so be carefull.
Zip with password is not supported.
Renaming Zip-Extensions is no problem.

So when the wrapped EXE should not increase in size, we can make container-files for holding all sort of files.
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