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Teaching newLISP

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There seems to be a lot of interest in newLISP still after all these years (and I haven't worked with it since 2010).

Has anyone thought of teaching it? There are lots of programming language learning websites. The one I've had the most to do with is Exercism.org. There are (at last look) 61 languages to be learned there. You can program directly into the site or you can download the tools and do the exercises on your local machine. All the language "tracks" have volunteer mentors. If you need mentoring you can ask for it and it's totally free.

I'm a maintainer for the vbnet and COBOL tracks, and I'm trying to get other tracks going (8th, SNOBOL4, Euphoria). I'm not volunteering to set up newLISP but it's not that hard and especially if you can get a few folk together to do it. The COBOL team took about 4 weeks from start to finish. The Exercism staff are amazingly helpful, the documentation is very good and the Slack community is exceptional.

Maybe newLISP has got enough momentum to keep going for the foreseeable. But improving its visibility can't hurt, can it?

-- Bruce