compojure like http routes for newlisp?

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compojure like http routes for newlisp?

Post by jopython »

I am trying to run newlisp behind inetd in -http mode with http-conf.lsp example provided in the manual.
The example provided in the manual is very limited and it exposes the entire newlisp interpreter to the http port which I find a security issue. I wish we had clojure compojure like routes DSL for newlisp.

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(defroutes home-routes
  (GET "/" [] (home-page))
  (GET "/hello/:name" [name] (str  "Hello " name))
  (GET "/about" [] (about-page)))
Nice thing about compojure is that it exposes only these routes and nothing but these routes. Is there a DSL similar to this for newlisp and easy to use?

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Re: compojure like http routes for newlisp?

Post by TedWalther »

If someone codes one up, I'll use it.

Although I'm more interested in FastCGI support in newlisp, then I can use newlisp to power a website using OpenBSD's small/secure new webserver. As well as Apache/nginx and all the other mainstream web servers.
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