newlisp.dll in windows 10 load error

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newlisp.dll in windows 10 load error

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I noticed that some of my apps using newlisp.dll throw an error running under win 10.

After getting access to win 10 on my sons laptop I dig into the problem and find the reason:

Doing this pascal-code in my delphi host app does give trouble under win 10:

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DllHandle := LoadLibrary( Pchar( 'newlisp.dll' ));
Giving only the dll-name let the system search in the search-hierachy of windows.
This works on all windows before windows 10.
Because of security concerns MS seems to block now this loading.

The workaround/solution here is to give a full path and filename to LoadLibrary.
So I load the dll now from the same directory as the host-exe.



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