newlisp datatypes translated to C?

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newlisp datatypes translated to C?

Postby Alisaxy » Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:23 pm


I'm trying to embed newlisp into the Unreal engine through a dynamic library.
I register functions like this in my C++ code:
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newlispCallback("<functionNameInNewLisp>", (long)<functionName>, NULL);

I'm having no troubles with calling my C functions from newlisp with primitives and null-terminated strings. I however am having problems with collections other than newlisp strings, those being lists and arrays.

I'm also wondering if there's a proper way to call a variadic function? I tried it, but it gave me a huge arguments lists with my two values being somewhere in the middle. My C/C++ skills are a bit rusty, so the latter problem may be due to that.

So I was mostly wondering what the lists and arrays translate to in C.


EDIT: figured out the varargs. Most of the problem solved. :)
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void print(long arg...) {
   va_list ap;
   va_start(ap, arg);
   for (int i = arg; i >= 0; i = va_arg(ap, int))
      printf("HAHA: %d ", i);

EDIT v2: Getting this literal:
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at the end of my varargs. Why is that exactly I wonder?

EDIT v3: varargs for c_strings:
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#define current_va_arg(list, type) (*(type *)(list - sizeof(type)))
#define increment_va_arg(list, type) (*(type *)(list += sizeof(type)))
void printStr(int varargLen, const char * args...) {
   va_list vargs;
   const char* buffer;
   va_start(vargs, args);
   for (int i = 0; i < varargLen; i++) {
      buffer = current_va_arg(vargs, const char *);
      cout << buffer << endl;
      increment_va_arg(vargs, const char *);

No idea why it works for integers, but has to be hacked for c_strings.
I should always give the length of the vararg list as the first parameter. I'll change my first example.
Hehe, not even a full-time C-programmer.

EDIT v4:

The latest version of integer varargs, same macros apply.
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void print(int varargLen, const long args...) {
   va_list vargs;
   long buffer;
   va_start(vargs, args);
   for (int i = 0; i < varargLen; i++) {
      buffer = current_va_arg(vargs, const long);
      cout << "vararg " << buffer << endl;
      increment_va_arg(vargs, const long);

Now I have an idea why the second one was behaving weirdly under a shallow inspection. I'll keep on using those two macros I made instead of the vanilla method.
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Re: newlisp datatypes translated to C?

Postby Chappuis » Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:48 am

Thanks for the info Cool Guy

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