Useful function: ordinal numbers

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Useful function: ordinal numbers

Post by TedWalther »

Since format doesn't print numbers as ordinals, (fault of the underlying printf function) I made a function to do it.

This takes a number, and returns a string in ordinal form.

1 becomes 1st
2 becomes 2nd
3 becomes 3rd
4 becomes 4th

And so on.

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(define (ordinal n)
  (let (nn (string n))
      ((regex {1[123]$} nn) (string nn "th"))
      ((regex {1$} nn) (string nn "st"))
      ((regex {2$} nn) (string nn "nd"))
      ((regex {3$} nn) (string nn "rd"))
      ((regex {[4567890]$} nn) (string nn "th"))
      (true nn))))
(global 'ordinal)
I've put this in my init.lsp. Handy little function.

Sample usage:

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> (ordinal 3)
> (ordinal 4)
> (ordinal 65)
> (ordinal 10)
> (ordinal 11)
> (ordinal 12)
> (ordinal 13)
> (ordinal 14)
> (ordinal 24)
> (ordinal 23)
> (ordinal 21)
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