MC Musiceditor 8.0.0

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reinier maliepaard
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MC Musiceditor 8.0.0

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I'm glad to announce my free/open source MC Musiceditor 8.0.0 (GPL2 or above). On you can find all sources (button Download).

The reason for this separate announcement is that I rewrote many parts of the software with newLisp. Why? First: it appeared that my VBScript version of MCM did not run on all Windows machines. Second: VBScript code gave errors on Linux under Wine. With the current newLisp solution, these problems are gone.

Thanks to Hans-Peter Wickern who made a 'GPL2 or above' version of his newLisp plugin. Now I could publish MCM/newLisp without any licensing issues.
Thanks to Neosoft Corporation for their impressive Neobook.


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