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man pages for newLisp

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I while ago I wondered, why there are no manpages for newLisp functions like for programms in Linux. Cause I thought this would really be helpful, I created them on my own. Ripped the descriptions from the manual and created a context with the name 'man'. I added a line to newlisp console, so that it is always loaded.
So (man "append") prints the description of append into the console.

I think it would be helpful, especially for beginners if something like that would become part of newlisp as standard or at least of nls.lsp.
Put the line (load "/home/yourpath/man.lsp") into nls.lsp to load it automatically, and put man.lsp also into "/usr/share/newlisp/modules" or the correct path in your OS, then (module man.lsp)

"man.lsp" is the context with a definition, if loaded (man "something") works. The function replace is missing in man.lsp, cause I couldn't load it with that entry inside. "manGen.lsp" is the ripping programm.

The files are here, only man.lsp is needed, manGen.lsp is for making a new version.

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