So Cool EverEdit (support newLISP wow!)

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So Cool EverEdit (support newLISP wow!)

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A very light compact editor.

Now Supoort newLISP's Syntax highlighting, code folding, code indentation.

At present, only the windows version will soon launch the MAC and LINUX version.

EverEdit will be a combination of Editplus and TextMate.

Configuration is simple, powerful, clear interface. UTF-8 support and wide characters.

Will support the api the prompt, snippt, and taglist near future.

More than just words, must cool after use.





more pic can see: ... m-everedit

EverEdit is a fast, lightweight, extendable text and source editor for Windows(Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003+). While it can serve as a good Notepad replacement, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers.

•Full Unicode support(U16, U16-BE, UTF-8, Chinese, Japanese, Korean…)
•Super encoding detector
•Edit huge files with a little memory
•Regular expression(DEELX)
•Embedded VBS script engine
•Macro & Plugin support
•User customize tools support
•Click-able status bar
•Drag&Drop support
•Programmable highlight files
•Print & Print-preview support
•Word auto complete
•Customizable keyboard
•Column mode(Column insert, delete, copy and paste), press alt when moving mouse
•No limited undo, redo support
•Theme-able edit area
•Code folding
•Input-able, Command-able output window
•Grep with highlight
•Display Invisible Chars(EOL, EOF, Control Chars…)
•Brace Match
•HEX Editor
•Multiple Language Support(English, Chinese)
Welcome to a newlisper home:)

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