error creating context in browser

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error creating context in browser

Post by nigelbrown »

This may be a problem with the tk front end rather than newlisp?
From the windows newlisp-tk v1.07 running 7.4.0 or 7.4.1 after opening the browser
<ctl-b> when you <ctl-t> to create a new context (or use menus) it
gives error
wrong # args: should be "SelectContext browser contextName"
(one time this was followed by the error message
invalid command name ".browser.lbf.vat.lst") and then the context list can error Bad listbox index "" if clicked on. The context seems to be properly created in newlisp and is present when the browser is reopened.


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Post by Lutz »

This is a bug in the tcl/tk frontend introduced in 1.03 of the newlisp-tk frontend and will be fixed in 1.08.


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