newLISP shining again ...

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newLISP shining again ...

Postby hotcore » Fri Feb 26, 2016 8:57 am

Warning: no trolling - no flame ware!!!!

These days I compared the building of an executable from a (very small) comparable Python and a newLISP script.

- first install pyinstaller (which is quite big)
- run pyinstaller for the script (create just an executable)
- it takes quite some time and lots of warnings
- executable size is .... greater than 4.5 megabytes

- create executable easy using a commandline switch
- executable produced almost instantly
- executable size is ..... 309 kilobytes

So kudos again ;-)
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Re: newLISP shining again ...

Postby vetelko » Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:54 pm

You are right. This is one of the things I love on Golang, and now on newlisp as I'm a novice :)
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