Kudos - newLISP amazingly suited for small tools

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Kudos - newLISP amazingly suited for small tools

Postby hotcore » Tue Feb 09, 2016 1:47 pm

Since long I am a fan of languages that aren't bloatware.
By that I mean they have a (very) small footprint on disk and often installing isn't even necessary.

In my quest I encountered a few:
- newLISP (in the past I dabbled a bit in it - no serious work)
- Rebol (used that a lot)
- Red ( [url]red-lang.org[/url] ) a very promising descendant of Rebol
- 8th ( [url]8th-dev.com[/url] ) a descendant of Forth (currently studying 8th)

A few days ago I was in need of a small utility and wanted to build it fast.

I chose newLISP and I was amazed by how easy I could pick up all necessary bits and pieces
from the docs and in almost no time I had my utility running.

I have to say that I used other Lisp dialects like Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme. All these were far more difficult (at least for me) to build a featureful program in a short time.

So I wish to send kudos to the developer! I hope this language as well as the others mentioned above will prosper.
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