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nlpeg - PEG parser generator

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 8:43 am
by bairui
Hi, newlispers,

I wrote a PEG (Parsing Expression Grammar) parser for Vim ( a while ago and recently ported it to newLISP ( I would love for you guys to review my work. I am new to lisp and expect that I have made some boo-boos along the way.

NOTE: the nlpeg-peg-parser.lsp is UNFINISHED, however the nlpeg.lsp is ready for review. Examples of using nlpeg.lsp can be seen in the test files and calc.lsp.

When nlpeg-peg-parser.lsp is finished, grammars can be specified using standard PEG grammar format in [text] strings, if preferred over the explicit API approach available through nlpeg.lsp currently.