wiki: The missing (https) link?

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wiki: The missing (https) link?

Post by xytroxon »

The web is evolving rapidly towards using https links for their website content. e.g. github etc...

Currently, the newLISP wiki only allows for cold blooded reptilian Jurassic style [http://... ] links.

newLISP wiki needs to adapt to the new "https everywhere*" life forms or... face extinction as a viable mammalian usable wiki...


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Re: wiki: The missing (https) link?

Post by ralph.ronnquist »

.. meanwhile, you might consider using stunnel.

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Re: wiki: The missing (https) link?

Post by TedWalther »

Thanks to libressl and the OpenBSD team and other parties who will reveal themselves at a time of their choosing, I believe ssl support for newlisp isn't too far away. I'm playing with it right now. But even then, stunnel may be the better solution; coding an ssl server is different from doing an ssl client; I haven't tried doing a server yet.
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