GPGPU support

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GPGPU support

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Hi guys !

First newLISP is great ! How about GPGPU support ? Are there some wrappers for GPGPU libraries such as OpenCL, CUDA ? If not - maybe devs can make bindings to that libs (preferably to OpenCL, because its open source and is not locked-in to NVIDIA cards).

Please, add support, also that could potentially attract people from C+CUDA/OpenCL to newLISP+OpenCL :-)

best wishes...

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Re: GPGPU support

Post by Camryn65 »

I am considering to purchase a GPU workstation but the GPU computing is really new to me. As I know GPU computing is very powerful in terms of computing and modeling; and this is the main reason why I consider to purchase a GPU machine. I know few R packages support the GPU computing but I do not know is it worth to purchasing a GPU workstation or not? My concern is that if R does not fully support (like Matlab) the GPU computing, I might go for a regular workstation or Apple Mac Pro.

Can someones give me your adices or share the experience on R with the GPU computing.

many thanks in advance!

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