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by borgauf
Thu Feb 27, 2014 2:00 am
Forum: So, what can you actually DO with newLISP?
Topic: newLisp vs node.js
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newLisp vs node.js

I'm a total beginner, but for a long time I've felt that a Lisp of some sort should be King. But then there's all this talk about javascript this, node.js that. Isn't newLisp capable of doing what node.js does, only better?
by borgauf
Sat May 11, 2013 1:29 am
Forum: newLISP and the O.S.
Topic: REPL working directory?
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REPL working directory?

When in Emacs, if I start newlisp mode, then call up a NL REPL, how can I find out what the REPL's "working directory" is? For example, (load "link.lsp") gives an error, but if I copy link.lsp to a ./newlisp directory, and give the full path: (load "/home/myhome/Programs/newlisp/link.lsp") it works....
by borgauf
Thu May 09, 2013 2:08 am
Forum: So, what can you actually DO with newLISP?
Topic: Distributed newLisp question....
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Distributed newLisp question....

I'm a total beginner, but I've read extensively about Lisp, functional programming, and distributed computing. I keep hearing that Lisp languages can rewrite/update their own code while running, but I can't wrap my brain around that. For example, the famous "Lisp at JPL" essay talked about redoing/r...